Frequently Asked Questions about

What is unify | AGILE?
unify | AGILE is a cloud-based payroll and leave application system ideal for small medium size companies (SMEs). unify | AGILE is easy to use, with a do-it-yourself approach. It is ideal for businesses that want a fast, cost-effective way to manage payroll and leave. It is constantly updated to ensure you are always conform to the latest statutory requirements.
How does unify | AGILE payroll work?
unify | AGILE payroll works on a SaaS Model (Software as a Service), meaning you just have to focus on running your payroll. You access the payroll solution via internet. You do not need to bother about installation, maintenance, backups and upgrading of Payroll software. Web browser is all you need to access the online payroll.
How can I access unify | AGILE?
unify | AGILE is accessible with a web browser via internet. You and your employees can access online Payroll from anywhere, anytime and from any devices. Employees can access their payslip, EA form and leave information easily.
Where is the data stored?
The data is stored securely in Microsoft Azure. The software application will not be installed on your local machines. You can access the application and data with a web browser via internet anywhere anytime.
Who runs the Payroll process?
The payroll is processed by you (the company owner) or personnel designated to process the company’s payroll.
Is any help available during setup?
Setup of employee profile and some master information are very easy and straight forward. You can contact support team in case you require help for any issue.
Do I need to pay for upgrades?
No, you only pay the monthly subscription fee, to be paid 12 months in advance.
Who do I contact for support?
You can email our Customer Support Team at or call 603 7890 2500 (Monday – Friday except public holidays).
How does an employee obtain his e-Payslip login-id and password?
The employee will receive an email notification containing his user login id and password when the employer registers him into unify | AGILE.
Can I sign in without a Client code?
No, a Client code must be keyed in for access.
How many bank format is available for download?
CIMB, Maybank, Hong Leong, RHB and Public Bank are available for download.